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Joy is an Inside Job is the ‘gateway’ into your awareness of the joy inside you. You will learn to live from the wisdom of your heart. You will learn how to stop being controlled by your old habits, patterns, fears or emotions. You will learn to feel love for yourself – which changes everything else around you.

Most of us have been looking for happiness in all the wrong places. We look outside ourselves for things to happen that will make us happy. True happiness is joy, and Joy is an Inside Job.

Do you feel as happy or joyful as you want to be?
Are you as healthy, wealthy and enthusiastic as you would like?
Do you feel great about yourself?

The good news is that you can be joyful right now. This book shows you how to unwrap and master all 12 of your Secret Gifts with simple daily JOY-ercises. It’s your guidebook to creating the life you want - and are meant to have.

Whether you read this book by yourself, your family or with a tribe of joy buddies, you will learn secrets that will change your life including how to:

•    Discover the fears that are holding you back.
•    Love yourself – all the time. (How you feel about yourself is the most influential thing in life!)
•    Drop to your heart to receive your heart’s wisdom.
•    Change old habits the easy way by FARCing.
•    Share the secrets of joy with your children.
•    Find gratitude every day and in every situation.
•    Attain inner peace.
•    Feel a sense of connection and belonging.

But wait - there's more! You'll also learn the secrets to health, abundance and success!
In other words, this book will teach you how you can feel truly alive, JOYful and in love with yourself and your life.

Joy is an Inside Job book teaches you how to discover your joy, share it with others – and help them to find their own joy.

The 12 Secrets -  What you will learn:

Secret 1. Gratitude:
•    How to view life through your ‘Gratitude Glasses’
•    Why you need to be a ‘good finder’
•    The value of choice

Secret 2. Compassion and Grace
•    How to be present with those around you
•    Connect heart-to-heart
•    How to stop judging and give love unconditionally

Secret 3. Hope
•    How to build up resilience in yourself and your children
•    How to tell the difference between happiness and joy
•    Why hope and health are connected

Secret 4. Reverence
•    How to ignite the light of your spirit and others
•    Value the food we eat and our bodies
•    Connect with and respect nature

Secret 5. Generosity
•    Learn the importance of receiving
•    How to be wise selfish
•    How to give without expecting anything in return

Secret 6. Forgiveness
•    How fear stops us from forgiving
•    Forgive and still set boundaries
•    Why your perceptions matter

Secret 7. Energy and Vitality
•    How to create new positive habits
•    Strategies for slowing down
•    How to reconnect with food in a joyful way    

Secret 8. Listening
•    Learn the difference between listening and hearing
•    How to listen to people’s feelings
•    To become conscious of what you are saying to yourself

Secret 9. Laughter
•    How to release the bodies natural joy hormones – endorphins
•    Why you are responsible for creating your own joy
•    How to notice the funny stuff around you

Secret 10. Love
•    How to love yourself first – warts and all
•    How to deal with someone you don’t like
•    Why the ones we love most are our greatest teachers

Secret 11. Cheerful Enthusiasm
•    How to re-frame every situation
•    Strategies for achieving a ‘sunny’ disposition
•    How to wake up excited

Secret 12. Equanimity (Inner Peace)
•    The 9 enemies of inner peace
•    How to let go of past hurts
•    Practical ways to deal with stress in your life

Praise for Joy is an Inside Job

"There is but one way to explain Joy Is an Inside Job.  It is a life-changing ride on the expressway to joy. In every chapter, the reader discovers insights that are encouraging,  emancipating, practical and thoughtful. They lift your spirits and give you hope that tomorrow will be a better day."
 Tony Mussari, Sr., Ph.D.