JOY! Wake Up to What REALLY Matters DVD!

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"Do you wonder why you are not happy? Would you like to be happy? Or happier? Well happiness is just the beginning! What you REALLY want is JOY!" Amanda Gore

What we don't know often blocks our happiness! We are living lives of habits and patterns ruled unconsciously by fear! This matters because the fear drives ALL our behavious without us knowing it.

This DVD explains Amanda's science of success, what really matters in life and gives you breathtakingly simple ways to live, lead - and parent with much more JOY!

Learn how to:

  • Eradicate your fears
  • Become aware of unconscious 'drivers'
  • Become a walking 'joy spot'
  • Be a better parent and a better leader
  • Help others believe in themselves
  • Believe in yourself!
  • Improve the quality of your relationshops and connections, and 
  • LAUGH a lot!

Show this DVD to your children to teach them optimism; share it with your friends at 'movie nights' to enhance all your relationships; use it as a training tool at work to improve performance and make work a happier place!