Lead Out Loud DVD: Perceptions Part 2

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"There is a big difference between a positive attitude and a positive spirit. A positive attitude comes from what you say to yourself in your head. A positive spirit radiates from your heart - it is your very being." - Amanda Gore

This DVD is about creating a positive spirit, communication and leadership - whether professional (leading others), personal (leading yourself) or parental (leading your family and children) and how to make other people feel good around you! The Lead Out Loud workbook reinforces what you learn.

Buy a workbook for all who see the DVD.

It is full of practical and useful skills that will help you to experience and learn:

  •  How to inspire and enthuse others more effectively
  •  The secrets - and power - of non-verbal communicating
  •  Ways to make people remember you forever - and respect you
  •  The process of communicating - not just how to be a better talker!
  •   How to be more authentic and truly connect with others
  •   How to program yourself for successful relationships

Oh yes, AND you will laugh a lot too! 82 minutes in length