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No expensive creams, supplements, or painful injections required! Easy listening ion your ipod as you exercise!

Almost all of us lead incredibly sedentary lifestyles. We sit in our car driving to work, we sit at our desk all day, we come home exhausted and sit in front of the TV all night. So it's no wonder we become stiff, develop arthritis, and suffer sore backs and neck. And, while we all know that exercising will help us live longer, healthier lives, how many of us make the time in our daily, incredibly busy lives to exercise and stretch?

  • Through this entertaining audio segment, Amanda will teach you quick steps you can take to make your body feel better, help you live longer, stay fit and limber, and energize your life. She will show you easy tricks to:
  • Find time in your busy day to do simple exercises that will make a BIG difference
  • Understand what's really causing your soreness, pre-mature aging, and fatigue
  • Go through your day full of energy and then sleep like a log

This is also in Amanda's CD pack - What's the Difference that Makes the Difference.

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