Six Gratitude Glasses (get 1 free!)

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Great value - pay for 5 and get one pair for free! A saving of $3.95!

See the world differently with these giant gratitude glasses! They are a perfect symbol to remind your group or family to avoid situations when perceptions and judgments interfere with great leadership, teamwork and happy families.

The glasses act as a subtle reminder to see through the heart and use emotional intelligence. Perfect for leaders, parents, or just friends! They can turn every situation into one where there is something for which to be grateful! A must for every day!

If you are feeling miserable, lonely, sad or depressed, consciously shift your attention to finding things for which to be grateful or appreciative. Put on your gratitude glasses!

You will be amazed at how quickly you feel better. If nothing else, people will smile at you and if you explain why you are wearing the glasses, they will probably ask for a pair!

Each pair: Approx 27cm wide x 8.5 cm high