Stress Busters eBook

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Stress is a fact of life, but it doesn't have to be a way of life!

Do you drink too much coffee? Is your cholesterol so high it's off the charts? Do you feel overwhelmed? Or is the weight of always having to perform your best at work, as a spouse, or as a parent too much to bear sometimes? The doctor says eat better, exercise more, slow down, cut out the stress in your life... before these factors have a real consequence on your health. But that's easier said than done. Until now.

Let Amanda Gore show you how it's the little alterations and improvements in life that can have a real impact on lowering your stress level. In "Stress Busters", her 118-page eBook, she shows you how to feel terrific by putting mind over matter. Start by having a good attitude. Help other people. Laugh at yourself and with others. And try her set of simple yet effective stretches you can do at work without even leaving your desk. These ideas and lots more will help to keep you calm and in control!