The People Pill - The Cure for Every Manager's Number One Problem

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"The People Pill" By Ken Wright, released October 2008 -  also available from
Awarded a gold medal in the leadership category in January 2009 by The Axiom Business Book Awards.  Seth Godin won silver with Tribes, and Peter Drucker, bronze.

"The perfect prescription to cure your 'people problems', make you an extraordinary leader, and achieve unbounded success."

  • Ask yourself these simple questions:
  • Do people trust and respect you?
  • Are you perceived as an enthusiastic, passionate and exciting leader?
  • Are you achieving amazing results by bringing out the best in your people?
  • Do you know how to turn problem people into motivated, contributing team members?

Ken Wright has written a uniquely personal business book, offering a myriad of simple hints and tips, solidly backed by cutting edge managerial research, case studies and pointed calls-to-action. These practical insights will teach established, new and aspiring leaders the authentic way to truly connect with their people and generate extraordinary results.

Ken's business lessons, learned over a lifetime of leading teams to excellent results are delivered in bite size chunks that you can start using today.

Buy this book now, practice what it suggests and watch your career take off!
What an excellent holiday gift for staff, family or friends who want to get to know the secrets to business success!
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